Putting Good Times First and Birdies Second

Golf Courses are about making memories. We're here to help.

Meet the team

The brand for everybody

We’re not all touring pros, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun on the golf course. Let’s Go! is the fashion brand for players looking to have fun and turn heads with their golf game and their style.

Our premium golf apparel is stylish, comfortable, and guaranteed to turn heads – even if your game doesn’t.

Golf’s a game. Let’s make it FUN.

We all have that friend...

In our group, it’s Jimmy. He’s the guy who will always put a smile on our face… even if he’s occasionally a bozo (we’re not sorry, Jimmy).

Jimmy’s the one who makes the group special. He sparks the laughs, fuels the adventure, and through his charades on and off the course, brings us all together.

The first release of our shirts were all inspired by golfing stories – many of which revolved around Jimmy – and it’s our belief that to be true to the game, the good times we’ve had on need to be woven into the fabric of everything we do… literally.

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Bringing a new era of fashion and fun

Let’s be real, when most people think of golf and fashion, they think stiff, up-tight and drab.


Our clothing is inspired by stories and adventures that came from a golf course. The first launch stemmed from our stories, but now we want to help to your story. Got a story that would make for an amazing shirt? Contact us.