4 Features to Consider as You Shop for a Golf Hat

The cherry on top of anyone’s favorite golf outfit is the best golf hat. While there are different styles, shapes, colors, fits, and sizes, there are always factors that impact which to pick. Weather, color, and personality can influence the choice you want to make for the day. For those of you who have variations in your personalities… it would be a good idea to build a large golf hat collection over time. To start your collection with the best foot forward, here are some of our favorite golf hat features. 

It’s in the Look 

While some golfers love visors or bucket hats, wearing these is essentially a fashion punishment for another. Given the shapes or sizes of different peoples’ heads, there are certain looks that compliment some people more than others. Personality is also a big factor to consider when making your selection. Some of us, like Jimmy, would wear whichever hat he wanted to even if he couldn’t necessarily “pull it off”. 

While you probably know the general direction of your style, it doesn’t hurt to be a little more like Jimmy (only sometimes) and incorporate some new styles and looks into your golf wardrobe collection to test if there is a style or fit that works better for your game. 

Material and Comfort Test 

If it is a hot summer day, the material that your hat is built with will directly impact your game that day. A wool hat, or even a

blend including wool, will make your head extra warm that day compared to a cotton blend. While wool is a good choice for winter, a lightweight option is better suited to stay cool in the summer. 

Premium material is the first key to comfort. Beyond the material, a well-fitted hat that is designed to stay on while driving your ball 350 yards (hopefully), and then as you speed down the cart path towards it (because it was probably a downhill). A hat that is too tight that it is leaving marks on your head or giving you that halfway-through headache is a hat I would avoid wearing always. 


The feeling of your head being so hot it is as if steam is about to start poking through the hat is a good sign of a bad hat. Your scalp needs to be able to breathe. Without proper ventilation, sweat or rainfall will be caught in your hat and you might as well wear a soggy sock on your head for the rest of the day. While some of us are more prone to sweat, a hat designed to absorb any type of moisture is going to be a crucial factor in the selection process. 


A durable golf hat is another factor to focus on when building your hat collection. With a premium, built-to-last hat, it will be one you can wear for years on end before needing to replace

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it. If the hat is designed with quality in mind, the upfront investment is always going to be worth it. A cheap hat is going to last about as long as the box of Pro v1x balls you’ve scattered through the forest and lakes before the turn. 

Buy a product that can handle the climate elements because I mean, after all, this is an outdoor sport. 

Get to Shopping

While all of these factors are important with hats, don’t forget your golf hat will more than likely tell those who see it a message about your golf game. This is where we can say you are safe with Lets Go! Share the message that not only this guy *looks* like he could be a great player (we are not making that guarantee on your behalf), but more importantly, man this guy looks like he is going to be the most fun to play with. 

Our hats are designed with premium purpose but guaranteed to display, “Are you ready for some fun?” too. 

Join the team. Shop Hats.