5 Things to Look for in a Golf Shirt

5 Things to Look for in a Golf Shirt

Golf is a timeless game that has, for the most part, has really stagnant fashion.

Thankfully, we’re here to help.

But it’s not all about the fashion. While style and flair are important elements, the best golf shirt help you perform your best in addition to looking great.

At Lets Go!, we are a golfing brand built and designed by golfers, and we keep that goal in mind. So before you tee up for 18, consider these five must-haves in a top-class golf shirt and ask yourself if your shirt holds up.

Fit Check

Being on the course all day whether it is 9, 18, or 36, a lightweight, a well-fitted shirt is a necessity. Depending on your play climate, there are several factors to keep in mind for a comfortable fit. Things to keep in mind for the perfect golf shirt are UV protection, comfortable material that offers breathability so the only thing uncomfortable in your day is the “What hole are you on?” text. 

Swing Test 🏌️ 

Being restricted in a golf shirt is about the worst case scenario during your round. Our shirts are designed with range of motion in mind. This is complete with special stitching so that your swing can be as smooth as possible (and you don’t blame us for your shot hooking). A perfect shirt is one that allows your movement to be fluid, so that your swing can be saluted. 

Moisture Managed 🌧️ 

Whether it is a scorcher on the course, or a rainy day that you’re playing through, moisture-wicking material is what is going to be the best option for any golfer. Find a fabric that pulls moisture away from the body and is a breathable fabric to allow for a fast dry, because last thing anyone needs to be worrying about on the course is sweat stains. Our shirts are complete with dry fit fabric so that H2O is evaporated ASAP. We also prioritize breathability, so you can feel cool and breezy no matter where you’re playing.

Fashion Fit 💥 

While we are committed to pioneering a new era of golf fashion, the least “the others” can do is offer a high-quality collar that keeps perfect shape throughout the day and strong buttons that keep your shirt elevated through the day. At Lets Go! we offer more than just that. We’ve taken the classic game and brough in eye-popping designs and loud fashion, so even if your golf game isn’t next level, your attire is already there. 

Simple Care 🔁

After 18, the last thing you want to decode is how your shirt can or cannot be washed. Best part of a quality golf shirt is it being easy to wash and hard to wrinkle. Well engineered fabric is the only way to make this promise to a customer.  As you know by now, we offer premium quality shirts that can be easily ready for your next adventure on or off-course in no time at all. Tee up simplicity, and try one of the #1 performance golf shirts brought to you by Lets Go! 

Three, two, one… Let’s go!

Does your shirt hold up to the standards? If not, we know a place where you can find shirts that do!

At Let’s Go!, our shirts are not only designed for performance, but for also breathing some fun into the game. 

Shop our shirts now to experience the best in the game.